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Lead by example and deliver outcomes

Being a leader requires a full commitment, dedication, and, most importantly, being willing to take an honest look at yourself. Recognize that leadership starts from within. To lead people effectively, you must understand yourself and have the perseverance to tackle your challenges. Trust yourself to follow through with commitments and drive action.

Peel back the onion and begin to take a deep look at yourself. Am I doing things that encourage and motivate, or am I doing something that consciously or subconsciously inhibits my team and myself? Demonstrate expectations that set a good example, make hard decisions, own the outcomes, and learn from the result. Excuses are worthless; learning is priceless. Discover different ways to keep things moving to produce successful projects.
  • Lead Yourself

    Develop the grit to follow through on commitments and persevere through obstacles and adversity.

  • Accountability

    Increase awareness and team cohesiveness to develop and reinforce a culture of accountability.

  • Project Leadership

    Share a vision of a project to provide team members with a sense of purpose and motivation.

All In

Course Syllabus

  1. 1
    • Welcome to All-In

    • Before You Begin!

    • Share and Connect

    • Download: All In Resource Guide

  2. 2
    • Video: Peer Perspective

    • Lesson 1: Lead yourself first

    • Lesson 2: Leading from within

    • Lesson 3: Four traits to lead yourself first

    • Video: Peer Perspective

    • Deepen the Learning: Lead Yourself

    • Checkpoint: Lead Yourself

    • Assignment: Lead Yourself

    • Share and Connect

  3. 3
    • Video: Peer Perspective

    • Lesson 1: Define leadership accountability

    • Video: Peer Perspective

    • Lesson 2: The importance of accountability

    • Deepen the Learning: Peel Back the Onion

    • Lesson 3: Build a culture of accountability

    • Checkpoint: Team Accountability

    • Assignment: Peel Back the Onion

    • Share and Connect

  4. 4
    • Video: Peer Perspective

    • Lesson 1: Project management vs Project leadership

    • Lesson 2: The importance of a project plan

    • Lesson 3: Preparing for the project

    • Video: Peer Perspective

    • Deepen the Learning: Keep It Moving

    • Checkpoint: Project Leadership

    • Assignment: Submit for Review

    • Share and Connect

  5. 5
    • Exam: All In

    • Download: Learning Resources

    • Survey: Final Reflection

    • Download: Course Schedule


  • How many hours does it require to complete a course?

    We've designed a modern learning experience flexible enough to fit your life. Each course lasts 4 weeks; set aside 90 minutes per week + an optional one-hour Zoom call facilitated by a Rapport Trainer.

  • What is the format?

    Each lesson Peer Perspective videos, interactive course materials, engaging E-learning modules, and in-course assignments to practice, reflect, and refine new skills. Additionally, you can Deepen the Learning with recommended resources, and join like-minded peers on a weekly Zoom call.

  • What is the learning science and methodology?

    Each lesson engages students through shared stories, research, models and frameworks, and live interactions. In each course, we'll explain why this topic matters, what to do with the knowledge, and how to apply it. Furthermore, you'll focus on three areas: self-insight, team performance, and leadership influence.

  • Can I take this course without members of my team?

    Absolutely, and we encourage it. We'll provide a discussion guide to facilitate regular meetings and deepen the learning.

  • How do I earn a Front-line Leader Certification?

    Successful completion of all seven courses. See below for more information on each course.

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Front-line Leader


Seven courses for overachievers who prefer to fast-track their learning. You'll practice skills through in-course challenges and gain confidence to apply these techniques to your own world.