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Go in with the play mindset

The rules are simple: respect your team, include others, and trust each other. The quickest way to get someone on your team is to let them know you’re on theirs. We all learned back in our first days on the playground that people like to play with others who are positive, respectful, and kind. It’s no different from when we show up as a leader in the workplace.

To succeed together is to build a cohesive and connected team with mutual respect and kindness while inspiring accountability. Consistency develops trust, and persistency shows commitment. Be transparent, honest, and foster trust. Nothing will get accomplished if people do not trust their leaders, each other, and their company’s purpose. Practicing positive intent reduces stressful misunderstandings and miscommunications. It is as much a habit as it is a mindset. As a result, team members will feel more comfortable with each other, which drives collaboration.
  • Be Kind

    Sculpt a cohesive and connected team with mutual respect, trust and accountability within an inclusive workplace.

  • Get In the Sandbox

    Identify the vision and mission of the company and adopt the values to develop trust and gain commitment from your team.

  • Positive Intent

    Make it a habit to assume the positive intentions of others. It is a mindset that can improve work and personal relationships.

Playground Rules

Course Syllabus

  1. 1
    • Welcome to Playground Rules

    • Before You Begin!

    • Share and Connect

    • Download: Playground Rules Resource Guide

  2. 2
    • Video: Peer Perspective

    • Be Kind: Respectful Leadership

    • Video: Peer Perspective

    • Deepen the Learning: Be Kind

    • Checkpoint: Be Kind

    • Assignment: Be Kind

    • Share and Connect

  3. 3
    • Video: Peer Perspective

    • Get in the Sandbox: The Dimensions of Trust

    • Video: Peer Perspective

    • Deepen the Learning

    • Checkpoint: Get in the Sandbox

    • Assignment: Get in the Sandbox

    • Share and Connect

  4. 4
    • Video: Peer Perspective

    • Lesson 1: Define what it means to assume positive intent

    • Lesson 2: Discover why it is important to adopt positive intent mindset

    • Lesson 3: Demonstrate how to be deliberate in your intentions

    • Deepen the Learning

    • Checkpoint: Positive Intent

    • Assignment: Positive Intent

    • Share and Connect

  5. 5
    • Exam: Playground Rules

    • Download: Learning Resources

    • Survey: Final Reflection

    • Download: Course Schedule


  • How many hours does it require to complete a course?

    We've designed a modern learning experience flexible enough to fit your life. Each course lasts 4 weeks; set aside 90 minutes per week + an optional one-hour Zoom call facilitated by a Rapport Trainer.

  • What is the format?

    Each lesson Peer Perspective videos, interactive course materials, engaging E-learning modules, and in-course assignments to practice, reflect, and refine new skills. Additionally, you can Deepen the Learning with recommended resources, and join like-minded peers on a weekly Zoom call.

  • What is the learning science and methodology?

    Each lesson engages students through shared stories, research, models and frameworks, and live interactions. In each course, we'll explain why this topic matters, what to do with the knowledge, and how to apply it. Furthermore, you'll focus on three areas: self-insight, team performance, and leadership influence.

  • Can I take this course with other members of my team?

    Absolutely, and we encourage it. We'll provide a discussion guide to facilitate regular meetings and deepen the learning.

  • How do I earn a Front-line Leader Certification?

    Successful completion of all seven courses. See below for more information on each course.

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Front-line Leader


Seven courses for overachievers who prefer to fast-track their learning. You'll practice skills through in-course challenges and gain confidence to apply these techniques to your own world.